About us


Truck1 started working in 2003. It was named Truck1st.com and aimed to serve as a gateway for used machinery from Europe to the Russian Federation and CIS countries. We had only English, German and Russian languages and limited our service strictly to the export of trucks from Germany to the Russian-speaking countries.


Very soon it turned out that there are significantly more visitors-buyers coming from other regions – Europe, Baltic region, Scandinavia, Middle East, African countries, etc. That is why in 2005 we have decided to expand the project and turn it into an international marketplace, uniting buyers and professional sellers from all over the world. We started to introduce additional language versions of the website – French, Polish, Spanish, Italian. Introducing Turkish and Arabic languages in 2007 proved to be especially successful and let the project make a huge leap forward.


In 2008 we have separated target markets and purchased several domain names for main language versions of the website: Gruzovik.com for Russian, Alle-lkw.de for German. We’ve changed the main name of the project to the presently well-known Truck1.eu.


Later in 2010 we have added several new categories of the machinery for convenience of our users: Construction equipment, Material handling (different kinds of forklifts), Agricultural machinery.


At present we have 28 languages available on the website, 3000+ professional sellers from 80 countries of the world. Our team consists of 30 specialists working in 3 separate offices across the Europe.

Learn more about services we provide here.

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